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Welcome to the NOMADS Online Classroom community! Here is where you can share and interact with other classrooms around the globe.
Is that your final answer?  Test your Pimagihowin knowledge by taking the weekly Quiz.  Its a fun way to review the week's events.
Questions and Answers
Got questions? We got answers! Once a week, team members will try to provide the answers that you need to know here in Q & A.

Polar Husky Novels
You may not find them on the New York Times best sellers list, but they are still all great reads.  Read a Polar Husky Novel - write a review.  We want to know what you think.
Weekly Chats
Take part in a Weekly Chat with classrooms around the globe.  Exchange opinions, get your questions answered and tap personal thoughts on each weekly topic.
Your Culture Zone
You are what you eat... or are you?  Tells us about you and your culture. See your pictures, paragraphs, learning moments and more right here in Your Culture Zone.



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