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Hey!  Who let the dogs out?
Meet this year's Pimagihowin 2002 Polar Husky Superstars in the Kennel
Go Trekking
Think you have what it takes to be a Polar Husky?  Go Trekking to test your arctic endurance.  Walk, run, skip or bike the equivalent distance in your own neighborhood. 

Dog Zone

Does your dog skate board?  Who is your favorite dog hero? Can dogs talk?  Enter the Dog Zone to share your stories, pictures or class projects about... you guessed it - DOGS!

Polar Husky World

Experience the Polar Husky World - from puppy hood to running with the big dawgz.  See life from a Polar Husky perspective.

Adopt A Dog

Adopt a furry Polar Husky  Receive a picture to hang on your wall and an adoption certificate to keep close to your heart.


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