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Experience the Pimagihowin 2002 expedition right HERE!

Trail Updates
Read weekly Trail Updates to experience the sights, sounds and smells of trail life.  
Begin each week by integrating the real life experiences of Team members with weekly themes and activities.
Wondering WHERE exactly the Pimagihowin 2002 Expedition is taking place? Look no  further... Here is the Route and a map of the Nishnawbee Aski Nation!

Team Chats
Get the inside (or rather in-tent) scoop during Team Chats. Connect directly to team members and ask them all the questions you ever wanted to know about living and traveling on the land with Polar Huskies.
Send A Note
Communication is an important part of being a successful team member. Do your part and keep the "lines" open. Send A Note to the team today
Scrap Book
Don't just read about the adventure - see it and hear it, too!  Access pictures, video and audio in the Scrap Book.  Directly from the trail to you, don't miss it.
Meet The Team
What kind of person would want to sleep outside in the middle of winter?
Meet the Team to find out background information and fun facts about NOMADS team members.
Phenology Zone
Phenologies document changes in the environment over time.  Record changes in the weather, plants and animals of your area in the Phenology Zone.
To Read notes other NOMADS Online Classsroom explorers have sent to Team NOMADS Check the inbox 



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