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Sit back, relax and grab a cup of coffee.  Your students aren't here.  This is the teacher lounge and we've done all the work for you.
Curriculum and Activity Guide

Presented as an offline component of the 2002 program, the Curriculum & Activity Guide is a K-12 multi disciplinary resource for your 

classroom.  Each unit correlates with each week of the expedition.
Consult the Calendar to correlate the expedition with weekly themes in the Curriculum & Activity Guide, trail reports, online chats, Q & A and other special features.

All you really need is a web browser, but to fully Maximize your NOMADS Online Classroom Expedition, download the following Software.
Discussion Board
Help others and help yourself.  Be part of the NOMADS' teacher community!  
Share teaching tips, insights, questions and more to the Discussion Board.  Add your extensions and connections here.
NOMADS Education team has correlated each activity within the Curriculum & Activity Guide to the US National Education Standards.  Download easy-to-read matrices for all grade levels.



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