Time Line December 2003–June 2004
Online Classroom Coverage January 11–May 7, 2004
Approx. Mileage 3000 miles
Team 31 Polar Huskies and an International team of six educators and explorers
Conditions -50 F to +40 F. Daylight hours from 6 in January to 24 in June
Terrain Tundra, Arctic Ocean, glaciers, Baffin Island mountains, Atlantic Ocean
Check out the Arctic Transect 2004 detailed route map.

Join Arctic Transect 2004 An Educational Exploration of Nunavut. Setting out to document arctic climate change we will dogsled the territory of Nunavut, meeting Inuit Elders and students, to explore traditional ecological knowledge in the remote communities visited along the trail while gathering scientific data daily from the field for NASA and Environment Canada.

Students will gain proficiency in core disciplines while interacting with fellow students, researchers and explorers in the field. To learn more, see below to Select Your Arctic Adventure!!

Week 22... "The Arctic is a very special place that truly is the barometer to all of our actions in the midlattitudes. Our hope is that you have learned a great deal during Arctic Transect 2004 and that you have been inspired to make a difference on a local scale."
-Team Arctic Transect 2004

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