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November 2003
300 + page Online Classroom Curriculum: Arctic Transect 2004

December-June 2004
Arctic Transect 2004 Expedition

January-May 2004
LIVE! Online Classroom

By registering your class, you and your students can participate in our collaboration zones and view the weekly updates as you integrate the comprehensive curriculum.

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What's Next?

For the upcoming spring of 2005, University of Minnesota and NOMADS Online Classroom Expeditions have partnered for another free and exciting K-12 adventure learning experience:

GoNorth! - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2005.

Login to the Online Classroom and join the Arctic Transect 2004 K-12 learning experience! These pages do not have trail updates and exist soley to provide expedition and learning opportunity information for Teachers and Students who would like to sign-up.

Not part of the Arctic Transect 2004 team yet? Make sure to Register your class so you don't miss out on any exciting learning opportunities!! We are inviting you to embark on our authentic Online Classroom Expedition through Nunavut and the Arctic regions of Northern Canada.

If you would like further information on the program, adventure learning and our Online Classroom expeditions in general, please browse this area of the website to learn more about the unique K-12 learning opportunity.

Arctic Transect 2004 began as we left from Yellowknife, NWT, on December 31, 2003.

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Watch the trailer video for Arctic Transect 2004 and discover how far we will go To Learn, To Teach, To Lead.

Explore Our Learning Approach through Polar Husky Unit Descriptions, how the curriculum aligns with Educational Standards, and K-12 integration opportunities.

View the Kennel and check out all of the powerful Polar Huskies behind Arctic Transect 2004. Which one is your favorite??

Take a look at the current weather conditions that we are experiencing. How does this compare to the current weather in your neighborhood?

Want to know more about Team Arctic Transect? Meet Will, Paul, Eric, Aaron, Hugh, and Mille.

NOTE: Arctic Transect 2004 Teachers and students - For the weekly live updates from the expedition (trail reports, video, audio etc.) you have to ENTER the Online Classroom!

Xanthoria Lichen...what?? Discover everything you wanted to know and more about the Arctic in our Polar Husky A to Z reference guide.

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