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Support team Arctic Transect 2004 and the Polar Huskies on the journey - Adopt a Polar Husky!

View all of the dog adoptions so far on the expedition.

Follow these easy paw prints...

  1. Visit the Kennel - and find your Polar Husky
  2. Fill out the form below with your information
  3. Click the "Donate to Adopt" button below and make a $60 donation to the Arctic Transect 2004 program using the University of Minnesota Foundation's Online Giving form. All donations are tax deductable.
  4. Your name is added to the list of proud sponsors and you receive the Official Polar Husky Adoption Certificate for your Polar Husky in the mail!

Choose Your Polar Husky:  

Name of Sponsor:  


Name of Classroom/School:  

Name to be printed on Certificate:  

Email Address:  

Daytime Phone:  

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** To finalize the adoption of your Polar Husky please click on the 'Adopt' button below - this will take you to a page with a link to the University of Minnesota Foundation's Online Giving form provided by the College of Education and Human Development for Arctic Transect 2004. We ask that you donate a minimum of $60 to adopt a Polar Husky.

The Polar Husky Adoptions are updated weekly - adding your name within one expedition week. Thank you for your support!!

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