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Hi -- I'm Cassie, and if you would like, I will take you for a tour of my Kennel. But, first a little bit about who we "Polar Huskies" are...

Ranging in age from 13 months to 13 years our kennel of Polar Huskies spans wide from veterans with pawprints on the North Pole to impulsive yearlings for which the Arctic Blast 2001 expedition was their first encounter with the Arctic and long expeditioning. As your read on through the following sections, you will discover why we consider ouselves specialized forces.

Over the last 20 years, me and my relatives (parents, grandparents and great grand parents) have been crossing the Arctic and Antarctic for tens of thousands miles on training trips and expeditions. Originally, Will Steger "started" breeding us for his polar travels which is why we are called Polar Huskies. We are bigger, broader and heavier (weighing an average of 90 lbs.) than our sled-racing cousins. Bred for greater endurance and tolerance of cold weather, we are strong, very friendly and extremely loyal. Each of us different!

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