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Below is a route map of Arctic Transect 2004.

Distance/Time Line: 2000 + miles, 6 months - December 2003 through June 2004

Team: International team of educators and explorers; five men, one woman and thirty Polar Huskies

Environment: Temperatures will range in extremes from -60 to +40 F. Beginning in December the team will only have 5-6 hours of daylight, slowly increasing while traveling north to 24 hour daylight under the arctic midnight sun by the end of June.

Traveling from sub-arctic to high-arctic regions, Arctic Transect 2004 will cover the variety of arctic landscape. From Yellowknife situated on the very edge of the Boreal Forest along the shores of Great Slave Lake to the barren, treeless terrain across the vast tundra to the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean as the team enters the Coronation Gulf. The historic Northwest passage will lead to the coastal mountains of Kugaarjuk before crossing the temperamental Foxe Basin. Ascending onto Baffin Island will lead through mountain passes to its very back bone; traversing the Barnes Ice Cap before descending out on the eastern shoreline with its deep glacier crowned fiords, soaring walls, capped mountains (reaching between 3500 - 6000 ft) and passing ice bergs offering some of the most spectacular scenery in the Western hemisphere. Finding the Akshayuk Passage, the team will finally head overland crossing the massive Penny Ice Cap to the final destination of Pangnirtung.

Crossing through mountain passes, the team will most likely find themselves in waist deep snow, whereas on the sea they will be traversing pans of solid and broken ice, open leads and pressure ridges. The variety of wildlife encountered should be abundant including polar bears, walrus, caribou, arctic wolf, musk ox, arctic fox, seals and a variety of whales such as the rare bowhead whale and narwhale.

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