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  Will Steger
  Paul Pregont
  Mille Porsild
  Aaron Doering
  Hugh Dale-Harris
  Eric Dayton

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Top Left to Bottom Right: Aaron Doering, Paul Pregont, Will Steger, Eric Dayton, Mille Porsild, Hugh Dale-Harris

Arctic Transect 2004 is all about team work. The involvement of many people behind the scenes is what makes Arctic Transect 2004 a reality.

However, once on the trail, our international team needs to be self-sustaining to survive. Find out their likes, dislikes and why these six explorers and educators - five men, one woman plus thirty Polar Huskies - are crossing the vast frozen land of Nunavut while battling fierce windstorms, plummeting temperatures and separation from the known.

Click here if you would like to send Team Arctic Transect a note of encouragement or would just like to say 'Hello' while they are on the expedition.

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