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Welcome to the Arctic Transect 2004 Polar Movies database. Click on the movie titles below to view each polar video. The Polar Movies database will be updated weekly, so check back often!! Enjoy.

The movie files are only viewable through the Quicktime player plug-in. Download Quicktime by clicking here.

Week 17: Polar Bear Alert! North Pole? Heat Wave... (May 3, 2004)

Polar Husky Action - (1.6 MB) Watch these heroes in action. Through high and low the Polar Huskies have been happy to go!

Crossing the Arctic Ocean - (1.1 MB) Watch as we dogsled onto the Arctic Ocean.

Tipped Again - (1.7 MB) Watch our team hard at work.

Lost Dog Team - (1.0 MB) Watch Hugh and Eric chasing down their "lost dog team" after traversing some tough pressure ice. Hard times are best dealt with, with laughter…

Eric: Best and Worst - (3.8 MB) Watch Eric's best and worst moments of the expedition.

Timber on Being Stuck! - (.9 MB) Watch Timber let out some agression regarding being stuck so much this week!

Thank you Eveveryone! - (1.3 MB) Watch Mille as she thanks you for your participation in Arctic Transect 2004 and invites you to join us for another adventure learning project next year.

Last Education Report - (1.2 MB) Watch Aaron explain about the end of the education.

Week 16: Arctic Spring! (April 16, 2004)

Eric on Arctic Spring - (1.3 MB) Watch Eric's comments on the arrival of beautiful Arctic Spring!

Mille Dogsledding - (.9 MB) Watch Mille yipping and yapping the team in some great dogsledding action.

Ultraviolet Rays - (2.1 MB) Watch Will explain how he and Mille have to completely cover their faces in order to block out the ultraviolet rays, as they both have very sensitive skin.

The Incredible Arctic - (.9 MB) Watch the incredible Arctic as we dogsled uphill!

Week 15: Lifted Spirits in Kugaaruk! (April 19, 2004)

Tal Footage - (.2 MB) Watch footage of Tal riding next to Mille as he films Hugh and Eric's team following behind.

Amaiya Emingak - (4.2 MB) Watch Vice Principal, Amaiya Emingak, as she tells us about the church, Father Henry, and her memories of Christmas in the community igloo.

Amaiya Emingak (continued) - (2.2 MB) Watch Vice Principal, Amaiya Emingak, as she tells us about the church, Father Henry, and her memories of Christmas in the community igloo (continued).

Shamanism - (3.8 MB) Watch Martha and Sarah talk about shamanism.

Victor in the Sleeping Bag - (5.6 MB) Watch Paul demonstrate how we use our sleeping bags with the help of Victor from Pelly Bay.

Documentary Meeting - (1.7 MB) Watch the initial meeting between the video documentary team and our team on the ice.

Pelly Bay Memories - (3.7 MB) Watch a local Pelly Bay resident talk about her fondest memories.

Thank You! - (.4 MB) The kids of Pelly Bay explain to Aaron how to say "Thank you."

Week 14: What's in the Air Around the Arctic Circle? (April 12, 2004)

Wild Take-off - (.7 MB) Watch the wild take-off for the cache as Paul and Hugh head out.

Excited to Go! - (.5 MB) Watch the dogs excited to go as they enjoy the nicer weather as well.

Eric's Medallion - (1.5 MB) Watch Eric's medallion and its meaning to him.

Week 13: Wonders of Water! (April 9, 2004)

Aaron's Wild Ride - (.9 MB) Watch Aaron's wild ride over tricky ice and laugh along as he takes a tumble…

Dogsledding - (.6 MB) Watch some great dogsledding!

Checking the Guns - (.7 MB) Watch as Eric and Paul check the condition of our guns.

Chopping Ice - (.9 MB) Watch Will chop ice and explain what he is looking for!

Snow Flaps - (1.5 MB) Watch Eric explain about snow flaps!

Snow Samples - (.6 MB) Watch Paul and Eric working to collect snow data for Environment Canada and NASA.

Week 12: In Search of the River! (March 29, 2004)

The Canyon - (1.4 MB) Watch the team in action, moving a sled forward.

Mille's Storm Update - (.6 MB) Watch Mille describing this week's storm.

The Storm - (.5 MB) The worst storm of our expedition to date!!

Week 11: The Legendary Fire of 2004! (March 22, 2004)

The Feast - (1.1 MB) Watch as Eric feeds Paul and his team.

Silas Tale - (1.9 MB) Elder Silas of Baker Lake and his son helped us with the route we are traveling and shared stories of Baker Lake and living on the land. Watch a local legend told by Silas.

The Igloo - (1.1 MB) Early in the week we passed an igloo which many consider to be an icon of the Inuit culture understood worldwide. Watch the excitement as Aaron enters the Igloo!

Week 10: A Living Legend (March 15, 2004)

Premier Election - (.9 MB) Watch a video from the Premier Election. The official languages of Nunavut are Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English, and French.

Master Whipper - (.2 MB) Elder Simon Tookoome is a master with the twenty-foot whip that was traditionally used to steer the team when dogsledding.

Inuktituk Class - (1.2 MB) Watch and learn a few Inuktituk phrases.

Students Discuss Inuktituk - (3.4 MB) Watch Moses, Ryan, and Natasha talk about why Inuktituk is so important to them.

Charlene's Africa Trip - (1.5 MB) Watch Charlene talk about the trip to Africa that she will be going on this summer.

Sneaky Wolf - (3.8 MB) Watch Martha talk about a sneaky wolf.

Ma'tna - (1.9 MB) Watch Mille and Paul with their new friends.

Week 9: Celebrating Baker Lake (March 8, 2004)

Esker Panorama - (1.1 MB) Our last geological obstacle, about 35 miles west of Baker Lake, was a very large esker.

Drum Dancing - (.7 MB) Watch graceful drum dancing from Baker Lake.

Paul Drum Dancing - (.2 MB) Check out Paul as he bravely performs some drum dancing.

Will's Gift - (1.0 MB) Watch Will as he receives his gift from Baker Lake.

Cherades - (1.1 MB) The Cherades game in Baker Lake.

The Party - (1.2 MB) Check out some footage of the band at the party at Baker Lake.

Mille's Gift - (1.6 MB) Watch Mille receive her special gift from the women of Baker Lake.

Sleeping Bag - (1.2 MB) Watch Eric and Paul showcase our sleeping bag system to the High School students.

Charlene Part 1 - (4.7 MB) Watch how Charlene Mannik got to experience the life of a geologist and what she finds exciting about it.

Charlene Part 2 - (3.8 MB) Watch how Charlene Mannik got to experience the life of a geologist and what she finds exciting about it.

Ayagaq - (1.5 MB) Watch this exciting game!

Week 8: Nunavut Rocks! (March 1, 2004)

Dogsledding the Sunset - (1.5 MB) Check out the beautiful scenery as the team dogsleds in the sunset.

Aaron's Sense of Place - (1.2 MB) Listen as Aaron describes his "sense of place" in the Arctic.

Eric's Sense of Place - (1.2 MB) Listen as Eric describes his "sense of place" in the Arctic.

Hugh's Sense of Place - (1.6 MB) Listen as Hugh describes his "sense of place" in the Arctic.

Will's Sense of Place - (.9 MB) Listen as Will describes his "sense of place" in the Arctic.

Paul's Sense of Place - (1.6 MB) Listen as Paul describes his "sense of place" in the Arctic.

Week 7: Arriving and Surviving Nunavut! (February 23, 2004)

Pressure Ridge - (.4 MB) Raw Polar Husky power in action as Hugh and Eric move their sled over a pressure ridge...

Dubawnt River - (.5 MB) Paul talks about the river and the team's upcoming destinations.

Open Water - (.8 MB) Check out the open water of the Dubawnt River.

Beautiful - (.6 MB) Mille's description of the team's current location.

Coming at You - (.4 MB) Watch the Polar Huskies up-close in action with lichen and willows!!!

Week 6: Nature Rules (February 16, 2004)

Stormy Day - (1.1 MB) Aaron's description of our first official "Storm Day."

Moving Tent - (.6 MB) Paul and Eric combating the fierce winds to move their tent.

Digging Out - (.9 MB) Watch Hugh digging out his sled.

Windy Days - (.9 MB) Every day this week was very windy.

Lunch Procedure - (1.3 MB) Hugh explaining his typical lunch procedure.

Our Stove - (.4 MB) Check out Aaron and Mille's primary heat source...the stove.

Week 5: Happy Re-supply Lake! (February 9, 2004)

Uphill Battle - (.6 MB) Watch Aaron and Mille working with the dogs to get up the hill as they call out commands.

The "Happy Re-supply Lake" - (1.2 MB) Take a look at the lake where the re-supply will happen.

The Day of the Re-supply - (3.7 MB) View a compilation of video from the re-supply day.

Hugh on Re-supply - (.5 MB) Listen to what Hugh has to say about the re-supply.

Plane Taking Off - (1.0 MB) View the plane taking off after the re-supply.

Week 4: The Barrens (February 2, 2004)

Taking down the Tent - (.5 MB) Watch Hugh and Will as they take down their tent on the Barrens.

Morning Moon - (1.7 MB) Check out a great action movie of the team on the trail.

Week 1: Lutsel K'e (January 12, 2004)

Entering Snowdrift - (2.9 MB) Lunch on the Great Slave Lake before entering Lutse K'e.

Great Slave Lake - (1.1 MB) Cold day on the Great Slave Lake.

Lutsel K'e Stop - (5.3 MB) Drying off at the school in Lutse K'e.

Morning on Great Slave Lake - (3.8 MB) Taking off from camp on a beautiful morning on the Great Slave Lake.

Polar Husky Power - (3.6 MB) The POWER of the Polar Huskies.

Paul and Aaron's Tent - (2.7 MB) A normal night in Paul and Aaron's tent.

Preparation and Expedition Movies

The Portages - (2.6 MB) Watch Aaron discuss the difficulties of travelling through the portages.

4 Different Days - (2.8 MB) Watch a selection of 4 different days in the lives of our explorers.

Young Musher - (2.6 MB) Cool new movie of Annika Olesen (7 years old) hitching up a dog team and taking off! The video was taken at the Olesen Homestead on the Hoarfrost River, Northwest Territories, Canada.

What Makes the Team? - (3.4 MB) Check out an awesome movie that showcases the various positions of the Polar Husky Dog Team with preparation and expedition footage.

Snow Samples - (5.4 MB) Environmental Canada scientist Bruce Cole visits the Arctic Transect 2004 training facilities to teach Team Member Paul Pregont how to accurately take snow samples during the expedition. Snow sample data will be sent to Environmental Canada and used for satellite ground truthing.

Cold is Cold - (2.5 MB) Enjoy an entertaining montage of clips from expeditions over the past several years.

The Last Mile - (1.6 MB) The Polar Huskies run their last mile to the final destination on last year's expedition, Pimagihowin 2003.

Arctic Transect 2004 Trailer - (6.2 MB) Watch the exciting trailer movie for this year's expedition.

National Geographic Polar Husky Video - (Real Player) Discover what National Geographic had to say as they profiled last year's expedition.

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