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January 2003

Dear Fellow Explorers,

Have you ever wondered what it was like to mush a team of Polar Huskies across the frozen tundra? Or sleep in a tent at forty below? How about endure an arctic blizzard with gale force winds? Well now is your chance. Bundle up because you are about to join the Polar Huskies and NOMADS team members for another exciting and educational journey.

Looking back over our past ten years of arctic exploration, we are left with many wonderful memories. Snowy and frozen icescapes have become familiar. Cold and wind are now embraced rather than endured. The land and wildlife of these remote regions create a strong sense of place in our minds and in our hearts. We are at home here... its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

One could easily assume that our expeditions have kept us isolated and separated from the rest of the world. However, NOMADS Online Classroom Expeditions have connected us and our participating schools and students with the rest of the world. The internet and other interactive technologies have enabled us to foster cultural understanding, instill a sense of environmental responsibility, and create adventurous spirits.

This year, Arctic Transect 2004 features many interactive components. The ten week educational adventure integrates the expedition website with the Curriculum & Activity Guide. Online chats, collaboration forums, questions for the team, weekly quizzes and much more provide a seamless format to integrate technology into your classroom. Explore the wildness of northern Ontario on an incredible journey filled with unique learning opportunities. With the Polar Huskies as your guide, you will investigate the history, people, culture, geography, climate, ecology, politics, legends and language of this remote region.

Welcome to NOMADS Online Classroom Expedition: Arctic Transect 2004. The Polar Huskies are waiting for you!

Adventure Today!

Paul Pregont and Mille Porsild

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