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IBM Beacon Award
Best Philanthropic Solution - December 16, 2004
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Yahoo! Picks
Site of the Day December 1, 2003
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PC Magazine
Site of the Week March 26, 2004
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There's an impressive amount of content at PolarHusky.com. First of all, you can catch up with the group by listening to the brief daily reports (.WAV files) the members have filed since setting out. There are many more sound files, too, from howling dogs and wolves to interviews with locals and team members. There are also some fascinating QuickTime movies (including a few dozen QuickTimeVR 360-degree movies), an Inuit topics center, a field reference guide, a photography scrapbook, daily photos, and The Kennel, which features photos and profiles of all of the sled dogs, who are perhaps the real heroes of this adventure.

USA Today
Hot Site of the Day April 7, 2004
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American Scientist
Site of the Week April 27 2004
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The clear, intuitive interface, pleasing design and rich content make this site a worthy stop for anyone interested in native cultures, arctic exploration or climate change."

The Washington Times
Site Review Overall grade: A February 8, 2005
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Word from the Webwise: Visitors can almost feel the sting of the below-zero temperatures encountered by the team as a snowy map paints on the site's opening screen, highlighting the current status and route of the adventurers, notes on their daily travails and weekly journal entries as they continue on a 3,000-mile, seven-month investigation of Arctic climate changes.

The eLearning Advocate
Site Review December 1, 2003
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This is what online learning is all about. Transporting students to the Arctic where they can experience a learning adventure in real time. This site has it all!

Featured Site June 1, 2004
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An incredible journey! An incredible resource for teachers and children to learn about extreme polar conditions. Complete with video, blog, pictures, and tons of valuable information.

Fresh Signal: Maps & Travel June 18,2004
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155 days later The Arctic Transect returns home. Amazing expedition beautifully described and documented at this site through QTVRs, audio files, video and photography. Sweet.

Reviewed December 2, 2003
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Learn how real time learning adventures pulled by powerful Polar Huskies create a unique standard aligned curriculum for the classroom.

Good Housekeeping
Site of the Day February 17, 2004
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