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From left Arctic Transect 2004 team members Aaron Doering, Disko, Paul Pregont, Nuka, Mille Porsild and Eric Dayton speaking at the lectern to politicians and press core on Capitol Hill July 6, 2004.

When we returned home from the Arctic Transect 2004 expedition I did hear that some kids were carrying signs in the St.Paul/Minneapolis Airport demanding I run for president! Now, I prefer running in front of a sled, but we actually did mingle with politicians this summer. I guess Polar Huskies are powerful…

Nuka and Disko and the team once again headed back out on the trail – this time heading east to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Invited by Senator Mark Dayton of Minnesota and our friends at the National Reseource Defense Council (NRDC) they presented to members of the US Senate preparing to vote on The Climate Stewardship Act, a bill proposed by Senators McCain and Lieberman to reduce global warming emissions.

Nuka told me she even got interviewed by National Public Radio (NPR)!

Mark Dayton speaks with Mille Porsild after a news conference Wednesday on the effects of global warming in the Arctic. Porsild is joined by sled dogs Disko (left) and Nuka. Dayton’s son took part in a sled-dog expedition that documented warming taking place in frozen regions of the world.