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As the team from the trail transmits the adventure worldwide - images, sounds and voices from the Arctic - students of all ages will take part and learn as we focus on this years environmental issue: “The Prospect of Oil Exploration.”

A comprehensive, 250 + page standard aligned GoNorth! Curriculum & Activity Guide (CAAG) and accompanying Teacher Guide is available to K-12 teachers at no cost. Within the 250-page curriculum, multi-disciplinary activities presented in a variety of learning formats and clustered by grade level (K-3, 4-8, 9-12), infuse science, geography, math, social studies, and technology. The inquiry-based Curriculum & Activity Guide consist of 6 modules each with a guiding question. Each module spans two weeks in length and contains nine hands-on activities. It can either be downloaded in PDF formats or ordered in print at the cost of printing and shipping ( approx. $25)

The curriculum uses traditional knowledge from the annual Arctic locale and the experiences of expedition team members as a springboard for interactive learning. Activities correlate with the actual reports and events of the team from the trail and are available as an on/offline component to the program. Materials are national in scope and demonstrate how they meet teaching requirements.

A primary goal in developing GoNorth! is to build a comprehensive synergy between the curriculum and the online classroom environment. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) activities are integrated into the GoNorth! curriculum, providing the ability to analyze, view, and interpolate data from any place on Earth and display that data on a map.

Nationwide, we furthermore provide each classroom with a “Classroom Kit,” including the ARC Voyager Software CD, sponsored by ESRI (for integration of Geographic Information Systems, GIS) a wall map of Alaska, donated by the National Geographic Society, and an Expedition Poster.