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   Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Paul Pregont

Aaron Doering

Mille Porsild

Shari Fox Gearheard

Henry Huntington

Jens Olsson

Amy Vargason


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Jens Olsson (Denmark) – Team Member

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Joining the team from Denmark, Jens has a long record of adventures and experiences from different cultures. Besides being an agricultural economist Olsson is an adventurer of nature and loves to explore new places and cultures. His curiosity has brought him on numerous longer trips as far as the Argentinean pampas, the outskirts of Zambia, the mountains of Europe as well as the Canadian Arctic.

Jens is a senior advisor and carrying out innovation development in the agrofood sector for Danish based ‘GEMBA Innovation’. Previously Olsson has been working with rural development in the emerging economies of Eastern Europe, and has traveled frequently in the Central and Eastern European countries. This has given him thorough insight in development of areas lagging behind in respect to human resources, capital, infrastructure etc. and how economic development nevertheless can be sparked in these areas.

For two years Jens worked in the war mongered Balkan region in Central Europe. He worked in 94-95 as a UN-peace keeper in Croatia, following his military service in the Royal Danish Guards, and returned with the humanitarian ‘Action by Churches Together’ in 1999 to assist with the cleaning up after the NATO invasion of the Serb occupied republic of Kosovo. Hen worked for almost one year as Dept. Programme Manager for a +200 person Humanitarian Mine Action programme.

During weekends and vacations Jens works actively as a part-time guide and instructor in white water kayak and spends annually +50 days in his kayak. This has brought about kayak adventures in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, Switzerland and the US.

His first ‘dog sled’ experience was as a 9-year-old when he tied the family Golden Retriever in front of his red bob-sled, with limited mileage as a result however. Hereafter a number of years should pass before Jens teamed up with Mille and Paul Pregont in Nomads Adventure and Education. His first experience was a three week trip in the NWT in the winter 95’/96’, where he participated in a small scale expedition around the Inuit villages of Inuvik, Toktoyaktok and Aklavik. Since then he has logged almost 1000 expedition miles on various training expeditions primarily in Hudson Bay as well as he has been training dogs for Nomads Adventure and Education.

Interview With Jens Olsson

Age: 32
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Height: 1 m 87 cm… go figure ;o)

What is your favorite color?

Most things I have are black

What is your favorite animal?

Dogs of course!!

What is your favorite food?

I eat just about anything. But what I really enjoy is a well-prepared hearty meal created with plenty of fresh vegetables and salad.

What is your favorite movie?

Starwars rules!

Hobbies or interests.

My favourite is of course dogs! –however since I live in Denmark I have to pick hobbies that are more in line of our climate. So I do a lot of kayaking and telemark skiing.

Favorite classes or subjects in school?

I used to do a lot of wood work in the elementary school, which really fits with my need of creating and being active.

How and when did you first become a dog musher?

My first trip was in the winter 95’/96’ where I was a participant on Paul and Mille’s first commercial trip in the NWT. Since then I visited them almost every year for between 1 and 6 months. I started training the Polar Huskies in 97’ and I am quite proud of having participated in the training of such beautiful and clever dogs.

What do you like best about being on an expedition? What do you like the least?

The daily routines, the teamwork, the calmness is unique. It cannot be compared with any other activity. I have forgotten what I like the least ;o)