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   Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Paul Pregont

Aaron Doering

Mille Porsild

Shari Fox Gearheard

Henry Huntington

Jens Olsson

Amy Vargason


   This Weeks Quick Links

Expedition Scrapbook

The Kennel

Polar Husky A to Z




Top Left to Bottom Right: Paul Pregont, Mille Porsild, Aaron Doering, Shari Fox Gearheard, Jens Olsson, Henry Huntington, Amy Vargason

GoNorth! is all about team work. The involvement of many people behind the scenes is what makes GoNorth! a reality.

However, once on the trail, our international team needs to be self-sustaining to survive. Find out their likes, dislikes and why these seven explorers, scientists and educators - four men, three woman - are crossing the vast frozen lands while battling fierce windstorms, plummeting temperatures and separation from the known.

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