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   Polar Husky A to Z

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Polar Husky A to Z




The team does not carry a radio. Instead they carry a very complicated and quite incredible communication 3080A system working even from the remote Arctic region.

Communication is so important to the team that they consider the 3080A system their seventh team member and have nick named it "Mette".

Mette is actually a brand new system developed by the Danish company Thrane & Thrane. It can withstand this kind of traveling, is extremely reliable AND works at a very fast speed (up to 64K).

At night, the team sets up the system -- turns on their little tough, handy generator and they are "rocking" on the ice. They hook up to the antenna, search for a satellite and BEAM messages to all the participating schools and students.

At the NOMADS international headquarters in Grand Marais, Minnesota, the report is downloaded, read and then published to the website allowing classrooms, scientists, and friends around the world to read and follow the teamís progress.

Most difficult is keeping the computer and batteries warm. The computer has its own "sleeping bag" similar to the other team membersí -- The computer itself is put in a large 2 gallon ziplock bag to protect it from condensation. Every morning Paul heats a hot water bottle and slips it inside the bag to keep the computer from freezing. The whole unit then travels in a specially built case on the sled.

The ability to send information in this manner, not only in text and still photos, but also sound and moving video is one of the primary reason for doing these expeditions. It is one of the team's greatest accomplishments. The whole goal of NOMADS Online Classroom Expeditions is to bring the thrill and adventure of an arctic expedition to classrooms around the world.

Visit Thrane & Thrane to learn more about the newest in communication systems...

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