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SCOPE: Similar to previous Online Classroom Expeditions, this will be a notable adventure. It will begin in Circle, Alaska when a team of four people and two teams of Polar Husky sled dogs set off in winter's Arctic dark. Traveling over tundra, through the spectacular Brooks Mountain Range and across the coastal plain traversing the land of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the team will follow in the path of the migrating Porcupine caribou, finishing on the shore of the Alaskan Arctic Coast (Beafourt Sea), in Prudhoe Bay - the community of oil, now exposed under 24-hour daylight. Team GoNorth! will visit seven communities along the route from the caribou dependent Gwich’in in the south, to the people of the sea, the Inupiat Eskimos in the north, who to a large extent enjoy the wealth of oil exploration along their shores. For two weeks of the expedition, Amy Vargason, a teacher selected from K-12 classrooms across the nation will join the Team GN! ANWR 2006 on the dogsled expedition as a “Teacher Explorer”.