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Click the image to watch a movie of me barking at Aaron for getting the sled stuck!!

Watch a movie of me barking at Aaron for getting the sled stuck!!

As you might know I have never let a Polar Bear go by unnoticed.

To keep my paws on the pulse I simply sleep with one eye open. This is a good thing, because A LOT is happening…even though we are not on the trail.

You might think that we Polar Huskies just kick back in the sand, being lazy all summer. Truth is, we have been busy – and as far as I can gather from the kennel talk, we have a jam-packed schedule ahead of us as we gear up for the next expedition.

Looks like we get to GoNorth! to Alaska. I can’t wait to share my tales with you from this mighty place (I lived there once). Though it seems a long time from now, I know it will be sooner than later. I just keep thinking snow!

But first, lots to see, lots to do, and lots to bark at… So remember, if you are wondering where in the world the Polar Huskies have been, or what the team is up to next, keep checking this section!