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The annual GoNorth! Curriculum and Activity Guide (GN! CAAG) is a FREE inquiry-based K-12 resource aligned with US national standards. The Curriculum & Activity Guide is designed to integrate the GoNorth! Online Classroom Expedition with any classroom or teaching style.

Engaging activities presented in a variety of learning formats infuse science, language arts, geography, math, social studies, art, physical education, FACS, technology, and foreign language. Activities are arranged and geared for grade K-3, 4-8, and 9-12.

It is created with the specific needs of teachers in mind and is presented logically with background information and student activities that are easy to use and understand. Each module correlates with the actual reports and events of Team GoNorth! from the expedition trail.

The GN! CAAG is FREE – and it is made available for *registered teachers to download here. You can also order the GN! CAAG in print from OfficeMax Document Express. You only pay for copying, tax, and shipping costs and it will be sent right to your school!

The GoNorth! Curriculum & Activity Guide 2006 uses traditional knowledge from the Gwiich’n and Inuipiat Eskimo (Inuit) culture of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as well as the experiences of the GoNorth! Arctic National Wildlife Refuge expedition as a spring board for interactive learning.

The GoNorth! Curriculum & Activity Guide 2006 consists of four modules:

    Module 1 Arctic Exploration: Planning An Expedition
    Guiding Question: Why Explore?

    Module 2 People & Seasons : Climate Change
    Guiding Question: Does oil exploration affect climate change?

    Module 3 Flora & Fauna: Animal Population
    Guiding Question: What are the effects on animal populations from oil exploration?

    Module 4 Natural Resources: Sustainable Development
    Guiding Question: How should we handle our natural resources?

How is the GN! CAAG arranged?

The GoNorth! Curriculum & Activity Guide is a self-contained K-12 curriculum resource arranged in modules. Each module is driven by a central “module question” and is designed to span over three weeks.

Every module is formatted in exactly the same manner, and a teacher's guide outlining the GN! CAAG in detail is available to download or order.

The central module question relates the topic of the module, which relates to the overall Environmental Issue of the particular program. The module question is posted to you and your students in an ALERT video posted in the Online Classroom from Team GoNorth!. In this Alert video, the team will request your assistance in research and exploration to find an answer. For example,

The Environmental Issue for GoNorth! Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is “Oil Exploration.”

The Module Question for Module 3: “Flora and Fauna: Animal Population” is “What are the effects of oil exploration on Arctic wildlife populations?”

You and your students will then be able to answer the question through inquiry based learning from activities arranged into three sections within the module: a “General Knowledge” section, a “Native Knowledge” section, and a “Case Study” section. Each section contains three activities - one for each student level Explore (K-3), Expand (4-8), and Experience (9-12). The Case Study furthermore contains an integrated GIS activity, community-centered collaboration, and a discussion forums for integrated online chat.

An outline and summary precede each module for quick reference while clearly-stated concepts and learner objectives provide guidance. Activities begin with teacher-friendly background information, then progress into student material. Reproducible activity sheets and resource materials are hands-on, student-appropriate, and fun. Other components of the GN! CAAG include vocabulary words, extensions, online chat topics, science projects, and much more. Activities are applied to different contexts and investigate current world issues while evaluating real life decision-making processes.

Can the lessons stand by themselves?

Yes. Lessons are self-contained curriculum and do not require extra research in order to be utilized in your classroom. Links are provided to other useful sites.

Teachers are encouraged to use all or just some of the activities; however, the GN! CAAG can also be adapted to other topics as teachers best see fit. The CAAG is written for a worldwide K-12 audience and, consequently, certain areas may not be as relevant to your teaching objectives as for others. Topics and activities can be effortlessly modified to fit your own region, community, and interests, as well as to student age, ability, or emphasis of your class.

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