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Below is a current route map of GoNorth! Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2006. View an updated map, created using a geographic information system, showing the team's current location.

Time Line Feb. – May 2006
Approx. Mileage 700 miles
Conditions –50 F to +40 F. Daylight from 9 hours in February to 24 hours in May
Terrain Tundra, Brooks Mountain Range, Coastal Plain, Arctic Ocean
Team 27 Polar Huskies and a team of international educators, scientists and explorers

Join GoNorth! ANWR 2006 A free K-12 Online Classroom Dogsled Expedition through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Setting out to explore the prospects of oil exploration, document the realities of Arctic climate change, and the value of traditional ecological knowledge, we will dogsled the majestic land of Alaska, to learn from the Gwiich’n and Inupiat Eskimo (Inuit) people along the trail; while gathering scientific data from the field in collaboration with National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and the Office of Polar Programs at National Science Foundation (NSF).