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Welcome to the GoNorth! Polar Movies. Click on the movie titles below to view each polar video.

Module 04– Sustainable Development

The Wind Story (736 KB) – Take this cool, interactive tour to learn about wind power, the wind turbine, wind farms, and its many advantages.

Native Power (14.6 MB) – The Sioux of the Rosebud reservation see a bright future with wind power!

US Energy Snapshot                                                                                           

Arctic Dance (10.5 MB) – Pituresque montage of the life and home of Margaret "Mardy" E. Murie.                                                                                           

Energy Sources (stream) – A narrated movie looking at U.S. energy production, consumption, and alternatives.

24 Hours (2.2 MB) – A look at daily energy demands and the challenge of future energy usage, conservation, and research.

Destination Earth (10.4 MB) – Wow! A truly retro (1956) cartoon from the American Petroleum Institute discussing the many wonders of America's "ever-increasing" supply of oil. See how things have changed in just half a century!

World’s First Prius Taxi! (6.4 MB) – Check out this car review video on the hybrid Toyota Prius from a cab driver's point of view!

Honda Civic Hybrid (3.1 MB) – Quick commercial on the perfect mix of fuel efficiency and performance.                                            

Prius (3.6 MB) – Short commercial on a low-emission, high-mileage, gas-electric hybrid car.                                                                             

In This Place (37.76 MB) – How beautiful the Arctic is. See it and hear the voices of its people.

Tundra (stream) – Go along with Arvaaluk and his new friend Matt as they explore the tundra in this fun Flash movie.

PBS News Hour: The background for the ANWR Drilling Debate – November 2, 2005 with Jim Lehrer on the PBS News Hour. >> This file is available in one of two formats / places:
Location One (stream)
Location Two (stream)

PBS News Hour ANWR Debate - The ANWR Drilling Debate – November 2, 2005 with Jim Lehrer on the PBS News Hour (stream)

Module 03 – Animal Population

Yukon Flats Talk - (23 MB)                                                                                                                                                          

Oil On Ice - (9.3 MB)                                                                                                                                                         

Module 02 – Arctic Exploration: Planning An Expedition

Alaska Meltdown Part II

Alaska Meltdown Part III

Alaska Meltdown Part IV

US Energy Snapshot                                                                                           

Energy Sources                                                                                           

Sea Ice ­ Arctic sea ice concentrations from between 1979 and 2003 - (789 KB)                                      

Thinning Polar Ice - (3.5 MB) Courtesy of Goddard Space Flight Center                                    

Uggianaqtuq - (10 MB)                                                                                                                                                         

24 Hours - (2.2 MB)                                                                                                                                                          

Sila Alangotok - Inuit Observations on Climate Change (stream)                                                                        

Sila Alangotok - Inuit Observations on Climate Change (stream)                                                                        

Ice Up - Barrow Alaska - (1.8 MB)                                                                                               

Break Up ­ Barrow Alaska - (3.5 MB)                                                                                            

Earth to America - (6 MB)                                                                         


Module 01 - Arctic Exploration: Planning An Expedition

GoNorth! 3D Map - (34.7 MB)


Guilbeau Pass - (0.8 MB)


Carter Pass! - (21.4 MB)


Teamwork - (4.0 MB) Check out an awesome movie that showcases the various positions of the Polar Husky Dog Team with preparation and expedition footage.

Cold is Cold - (4.4 MB) Enjoy an entertaining montage of clips from expeditions over the past several years.

Launch! - (11.8 MB) 10…9…8…and the Aqua satellite takes off! It is data obtained from this satellite that Team GoNorth! is ground-truthing on the expedition.

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