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Welcome to the GoNorth! Polar Movies. Click on the movie titles below to view each polar video.

Week 14: The Finale (May 15, 2006)

Lefingwell Campsite – (0:50) 1.2 MB – Teacher Explorer Mick Hamilton tells us about the national historic site, his lunch stop!

Dogsledding the Alaskan Pipeline – (0:13) 380 KB – Mille and her team of Polar Huskies dogsled underneath the Alaskan Pipeline.

Let's go! – (0:18) 501 KB – The Polar Huskies are ready to roll...                                                                                                                        

Arctic Ocean – (0:24) 648 KB – Mille running a team of Polar Huskies on the Arctic Ocean.                                                                                                                        

Flying Above the Brooks Range – (0:23) 560 KB – Mick, Mille, and Aaron fly from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks with 'Kermit the Pilot' 11,500 feet above the Brooks Mountain Range."                                                                                                                        

Week 13: Quyanapak! (May 8, 2006)

Bonfire - (0:18) 503 KB - Get a glimpse of Kaktovik's "Bonfire on the Beach" for the Team.                                                                                                                        

Dancing - (0:13) 316 KB - Watch traditional Eskimo dancing.                                                                                                                   

Drumming - (0:17) 410 KB - See the big drums played at the celebration.                                                                                                                    

Henry's Departure - (1:39) 2.5 MB - Henry says farewell.                                                                                                                    

Mick's Sense of the Arctic - (0:51) 1.2 MB - What does first-timer Mick think of the Arctic?                                                                                                       

Nora Jane Burns - (2:51) 4.2 MB - Nora Jane discusses the pros and cons of drilling for oil.                                                                                                          

Pledge - (0:36) 855 KB - Kaktovik kids say the Pledge of Allegiance in both Inupiaq and English.                                                                                               

Snow Fences - (0:24) 525 KB - Check out Kaktovik's snow-drift fences.                                                                                                                    

Snow Sampling - (0:54) 1.3 MB - See how a snow sample is taken.                                                                                                                    

Tracy Burns - (0:39) 1 MB - Tracy reads her winning poem about the migratory birds of Alaska.                                                                                                  

Week 12: ANWR's Many Colors (May 1, 2006)

Algae - (0:06) 166 KB                                                                                                                    

Caribou - (0:36) 894 KB - Watch hundreds of caribou moving effortlessly across the tundra.                                                          

Deep Snow - (0:08) 195 KB - Watch Polar Husky Disco and the team plow forward as they fall into snow up to their chins.

Drinking Water - (0:05) 126 KB - Watch Jupiter and the rest of the team enjoy the benefits of ‘overflow’.

Hula Hula River - (0:16) 454 KB                                                                                                                    

Ice Steps - (0:09) 259 KB - Watch Jens chopping ice steps while Paul prepares to move his team forward.

Looking For Caribou - (0:17) 449 KB - Watch Mille’s bumpy ride as the Polar Huskies are on the lookout for caribou.

Shoveling A Snow Bank - (0:13) 318 KB - Watch Henry and Jens hard at work planning a snow drift for the sled to move up.

Steam - (0:37) 1.2 MB                                                                                                                    

Storm - (0:03) 68 KB - Watch the wind tearing at the tent.                                                                                                                   

Week 11: A Piece of Heaven (April 24, 2006)

'Listen to the snow bird's song' - (0:38) 991 KB - Henry's sense of the Arctic is expressed in a nice poem.

Nazca leads the way - (0:32) 782 KB - Nazca leads Paul's team through the forest.                                                         

A river in the middle of the snow! - (0:38) 1.14 MB - Jens and Mille take a brief stop next to a hole where the river has cut through the snow.

What is overflow? - (0:36) 939 KB - Paul explains how overflow is being created.                                                          

Crossing a stream in the Chandelar - (0:25) 685 KB - See how the team gets across a small stream in the Chandelar river.

Waist-deep, crystal snow makes pulling harder - (0:21) 614 KB - See how the Polar Huskies pull to get the sled moving in the deep snow.

Breaking trails - (0:27) 709 KB - Being the first team means breaking trail, which is not a job for any puppy. Watch how the Polar Huskies excel at pulling through the deep snow.

Above the tree line - (1:08) 1.56 MB - Learn about how to travel on ice.                                                          

Running on overflow - (0:18) 501 KB - Watch the Polar Huskies pull the sled across the long sections of overflow and ice.

The beauty of the Arctic - (1:04) 1.66 MB - Listen to Paul tell about his love of the Arctic.                                                          

How to steer a sled down a steep bank - (0:07) 194 KB - See how Paul navigates his team down a bank.

Week 10: Caribou People (April 17, 2006)

What is Arctic Village like? - (41 sec. 1.5 MB) - Youngsters of Arctic Village tell cool things about living in Arctic Village!

Ingenuity on the expedition. – (61 sec. 1.5 MB) Watch how a wood stove can be used to glue on patches!

Willow twigs can be eaten in order to regain strength. – (71 sec. 1.6 MB) Timothy explains how chewing willow twigs can get you going… though Henry's afraid too much will have us growing antlers!

Eat...! – (53 sec. 1.3 MB) Watch as Timothy explains about extreme survival foods – ptarmigan turds. Henry has promised to give them a taste when we come across some fresh droppings – we'll update you on this!

What's cooking? – (28 sec. 0.7 MB) At Arctic Village High School the students are making the food; watch what's cooking!

Go team! – (55 sec. 1.4 MB) The Polar Husky trading cards are popular – so is Lipton!                                                         

Learn about the Chinese Auction! – (15 sec. 0.4 MB) Lorraine explains the rules and Henry's got it figured out... he wins the apple pie!

Carhartt work pants for two dollars? – (51 sec. 1.2 MB) A size 32” x 32” pair of Carhartt work pants were to Jens' liking at the Chinese Auction. Did he get them?

What is the arctic? (66 sec. 1.5 MB) Jens tells about his 'sense of the arctic.'

Week 9: It's a... Bear!!! (April 10, 2006)

Greetings in Arctic Village - (0:32) 839 KB - Watch the greetings between two-legged and four-legged team members as we arrive in Arctic Village.

The Pingo Burn - (0:20) 482 KB - A huge wildfire referred to as the "Pingo Burn" came within three miles of the community of Venetie in the summer of 2004, the record year for wildfires in Alaska. The land still seems empty with very few animal tracks. Watch the Polar Huskies run through the burned woods.

View of the Yukon Flats Refuge - (0:08) 225 KB - Watch Paul and his team approach the plateau of a slope going up the mountain with the backdrop of the Yukon Flats Refuge.

Snowmobiling into the Night - (0:26) 731 KB - With the caribou they hunted loaded in the sled, Clyde and Dennis take-off on their snowmobiles late at night from the cabin where we stayed overnight the day we left Venetie.

Hunting With Chief Eddie - (1:19) 1.77 MB - On his second day of hunting Chief Eddie Frank got six caribou. The meat will be distributed to family and Elders in the community and to those that need it; plus it will be used for the upcoming Venetie Spring Carnival. Chief Eddie tells his story of the hunt.

Caribou Meat - (0:45) 1.04 MB - Paul skins some delicious caribou meat from the pile Chief Eddie Frank stored on a lake for other community members to pickup later.

Spring Birds - (0:31) 856 KB - Paul, Mille, and Eddie Frank see red polls by Marten Lake.                                                         

It's a...Bear! - (1:20) 2.84 MB - The Polar Huskies of Mille's team on bear alert while Mille explains about the encounter with a grizzly bear...

Caribou Life! - (0:36) 781 KB - See tracks of caribou and learn how they dig to feed on lichen and moss.

Mountains of ANWR - (0:35) 911 KB - Sled along as the Polar Huskies run with the mountains of ANWR as a beautiful backdrop.

Week 8: Caribou Kidneys and Moose Hide Sleds (April 3, 2006)

Aspen Forest Dogsledding- (1:12) 1.7 MB - Sled along as the Polar Huskies are running through the Aspen Forest between the communities of Fort Yukon and Venetie.

Willow Forest Dogsledding- (0:38) 972 KB - Polar Huskies dogsledding on narrow trails through the willow forest.

A Narrow Creek- (0:43) 1.3 MB - Drive the team of Polar Huskies through a narrow creek with Paul.

Chef Paul in Action- (0:38) 972 KB - Paul cooks up a delicious steak dinner with moose meat kindly given to us by Benjamin in Venetie.

Timber Ride- (0:17) 420 KB - Go sledding with Timber! With a sprained wrist, Timber rode the sled halfway from Fort Yukon to Venetie. No worries, now he is all fit to go!.

Wolverine Tricks- (1:49) 2.5 MB - Chief Eddie Frank tells how he was tricked by a very smart wolverine.

Catching Beavers- (2:06) 3 MB - Chief Eddie Frank explains the art of beaver trapping.                                                                                        

Making a Rabbit Snare- (1:04) 1.5 MB - Chief Eddie Frank shows how to make a rabbit snare.

Paul's First Rabbit Snare- (0:34) 888 KB - Paul makes his first rabbit snare.                                                                                       

Cutting Firewood- (0:20) 432 KB - Early on a brisk morning, Chief Eddie Frank cuts up firewood for his home as well as to sell and share with Elders in the community.


Week 7: A Way of Life (March 27, 2006)

Dogsledding on the Yukon - (0:28) 764 KB – Sled along as the Polar Huskies are running up the Yukon River at a fast, steady pace.

Open Water - (0:45) 1 MB – Coming to an area on the Yukon River with no ice and open water, Paul is out in the front testing the ice, while Mille holds back the two teams of Polar Huskies.

Polar Husky Play - (0:40) 884 KB – At the end of the workday, after they are out of their harnesses, Sable, Khan, Jupiter, and Trigger are having some fun playing around in the snow.

Coming to Town - (0:39) 892 KB – Travel with the Polar Huskies as they arrive in Fort Yukon, Alaska, cruising down First Street!

Lucky Raffle Winners! - (0:15) 384 KB – Meet some of the lucky winners at the community dinner held in Fort Yukon for Team GoNorth!

Public Scoping Meeting - (12:44) 23 MB – Watch community members debate the proposed land swap with the National Fish and Wildlife Service.

Week 6: Polar Husky Power! (March 20, 2006)

And they're off! - (0:30) - 844KB Barking and leaping with excitement, Mille's team watches as Paul's team takes off like a rocket!

Running the River - (0:15) - 388KB No more energy wasted on barking, the Polar Huskies get down to business: see both teams as they run on the Yukon River.

Wolf Tracks - (0:23) - 597KB As Mille's team runs behind Paul's, you can see wolf tracks coming out of the woods on the banks of the river.


Week 5: At the End of the Road! (March 13, 2006)

Minus 320 Degree Fahrenheit - (1:06) – 3.3 MB The “dewer” traveling on the expedition gets filled with -320° Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen in which the snow crystals collected on the trail will be shipped back to NASA .

Snow Pit - (0:35) – 1.7 MB Paul digs a snow pit just outside the community where the Expedition will start, Circle City, to collect the first snow crystal samples. He then freezes them in liquid nitrogen to ship them back to NASA Headquarters.

Changes in the Ice - (0:56) – 2.9 MB Elder, Albert Carroll II, explains how spring now arrives earlier than in the past, causing early break-up of the ice on the river so that the trappers can travel on the river to their trapping cabins.

Route for Expedition Departure - (0:43) – 2.2 MB Elder, Albert Carroll II, Chief of Circle City, shows Paul the route ahead, heading up the Yukon River to Fort Yukon, on the map.

Going to the State Science Fair! - (0:42) – 2.1 MB Students of the Circle City School on their way to leave for the State Championship Science Fair held in Anchorage, the capitol of Alaska. But, first they take a minute to educate Paul about the sun!


Week 4: Celebration Times! (March 6, 2006)

Native Arts Festival - (0:34) – 1.6 MB During the 33rd Annual Festival of Native Arts, Alaskan Natives gather from all over the state, along with Native performers from the lower-forty-eight, Japan, and Russia, to share traditional dancing, singing, and crafts.

Elk Herd - (0:22) – 1.3 MB Driving on the Alaskan highway, the dog-truck crew and Polar Huskies encounter lots of animals. Here is a huge herd of elk.

Buffalo - (0:10) – 456 KB Polar Huskies get excited seeing a herd of buffalo grazing at the side of the road.

Snow Carving - (0:12) – 835 KB The historic town of Whitehorse, Yukon, celebrates the season with a rendezvous and making of beautiful snow carvings throughout town.

Whitehorse Rendezvous - (0:13) – 580 KB When the dog-truck crew arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon, the town was buzzing with activities, music, and competitions. Reminiscent of early settlers who would often have to carry huge loads on their back, one competition was to see who could carry the most.

Native Alaskan Dance - (0:34) – 1.6 MB The traditional dance is often in celebration of or telling about a seasonal event, animals or life on the land.

The Bush Vet - (0:21) – 1 MB Alaskan Bush Veterinarian, Eric Jayne, talks to Paul about first-aid scenarios for the Polar Huskies.

Chainsaw Ice Cut - (0:07) – 304 KB At the Ice Sculpture World Championship, being held in Fairbanks Alaska over the weekend of March 5th, the chainsaws were roaring, cutting huge chunks of natural ice into incredible pieces of art.


Week 3: 80 Pounds of Butter? (February 27, 2006)

Food Shopping - (0:17) – 916 KB To provide each team member with more than 6,000 calories a day for 70 days and snacks for a 10-day road trip as the crew drives to Alaska, mounds of food was checked-out at Sam’s Club.

Cart Pushing Art - (0:15) – 712 KB A seasoned sled driver, expedition team member Aaron masters the art of pushing a mini-train of shopping carts filled to the brim.

Food Pack-Out - (0:15) – 804 KB Sixteen people hard at work packing-out the food for the GoNorth! ANWR 2006 expedition.

GORP - (0:29) – 1.5 MB The trail mix is referred to as gorp which stands for “good old raisins and peanuts,” but Team GoNorth! adds a few fancy ingredients beyond that: roasted almonds, M&Ms, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, and walnuts!

Chocolate Dust Storm - (0:35) – 2 MB Part of the food-pack crew, Mike, demonstrates exactly why the hot chocolate powder must be “double-bagged.”

Ramen Noodles Crunching - (0:50) – 2.6 MB “Master Ramen crunchers” Nick and Matt explain how Ramen noodles are being packed for the expedition.

Hot Heater - (0:07) – 324 KB Though the temperature was below zero, it was warm and toasty during the food pack-out thanks to a very powerful heater in action.

Sorting Golden Cliff Bars - (0:08) – 464 KB A fast, easy meal that provide lots of energy as well as all-important calories, 238 Cliff Bars packaged in 17 bags of 14 bars each – and make sure each team member gets the same kinds of flavor treats too!

Nuts! - (0:06) – 344 KB Paul’s sister, Kathy, going nuts during the food pack-out!                                                                                        

Polar Husky Food Fanatics - (0:22) – 1.1 MB Polar Huskies Elf and Baffin love food and are more than thrilled as Paul is feeding them.

2,000 Miles Later - (0:49) – 2.9 MB Driving on slippery roads and through snowstorms the dog-truck crosses the 2,000 mile marker since departure from Expedition Basecamp…1,500 more miles to go!

Dogs on the Road - (0:49) – 2.5 MB No Polar Husky wants to be left behind as the road crew, on their way to Alaska, loads them back into the dog boxes after a drink and food break for two-and four-legged alike.


Week 2: Check.Check. Done! (February 20, 2006)

GoNorth! Classroom - (0:41) – 2.1 MB Mrs. Cater teaching GoNorth! in her classroom at Eden Lake Elementary (Minnesota) while being filmed by local TV station KARE 11.

Loading Jupiter - (0:10) – 440 KB Only the second time in his life Jupiter is being loaded into his dog box on the dog-truck, and he is already trying to self-load!?

Jupiter's Box - (0:06) – 280 KB Loaded on the dog-truck in his dog box, Jupiter woofs at other Polar Huskies coming up to be loaded.


Week 1: The Dogs Are Ready… (February 13, 2006)

4-Wheeler Training - (0:08) – 344 KB A mighty team of Polar Huskies training even when there is no snow – hauling a 4-wheeler around in the lowest gear!

The Dewer - (1:39) – 9.4 MB Paul demonstrates the equipment used for the NASA snow crystal research, including some minus 300 degree Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen.

mukluks - (1:25) – 7.0 MB Learn why the team always wears the native style boot “mukluks” on the expeditions.

Meet the Bivy Bag - (:50) – 2 MB (No it is not a body bag) – It is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment for each team member on the expedition.

Organizing the Gear - (:39) – 1.5 MB There is a lot that goes into getting a "personal bag" together for each of the team members...

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