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Welcome to the GoNorth! Interactive QTVR Interactive 360 degree Movies. Click on the movie titles below to view an interactive movie of each location. The QTVR Polar Movies database will be updated weekly during the live expedition, February – May 2006.

The movie files are only viewable through the Quicktime player plug-in. Download Quicktime by clicking here.

Week 11: A Piece of Heaven (April 24, 2006)

Brief stop - (188 KB) - Explore the view across a stretch of overflow where the team has taken a short break.

Overflow - (225 KB) - Take a closer look at the overflow and the beautiful setting just before the team heads out on the river.

Camp - (476 KB) - Explore the campsite where the team held their rest day on April 20th. Could anyone come up with a prettier spot? Click on Paul and Henry's tent to take a closer look inside.

Week 10: Caribou People (April 17, 2006)

Arctic Village - (352 KB) Explore Main Street in Arctic Village. The red cabin is where Team GoNorth! stayed while in Arctic Village.

Let’s go shopping! - (211 KB) The only store in Arctic Village has a limited but crucial selection of foods and goods.

Arctic Village High School - (420 KB) Take in a view of the high school. Can you find the Polar Husky superstar?

Week 9: It's a... BEAR!!! (April 10, 2006)

Going up the Mountain! - (350 KB) Explore the view as we travel up the first mountain leaving the Yukon Flats Refuge behind.

Caribou Meat - (262 KB) Explore the site where Chief Eddie Frank left a bunch of caribou meat he hunted for later pickup as Paul skins a nice piece to bring with us on our travels.

Arctic Village - (224 KB) Explore the Main Street of Arctic Village. The red cabin is where Team GoNorth! is staying while in Arctic Village.


Week 8: Caribou Kidneys and Moose Hide Sleds (April 3, 2006)

Venetie - (430 KB) Explore downtown Venetie and by clicking on the door, enter inside the cabin that Team GoNorth! called home while in Venetie!

Week 7: A Way of Life (March 27, 2006)

Fort Yukon - (413 KB) Explore Sled Street in Fort Yukon – the Polar Huskies and sleds are parked here, by the log cabin where Paul and Mille are staying!


Week 6: Polar Husky Power! (March 20, 2006)

The Cessna On The Ground - (483 KB) Explore the Cessna - a teeny tiny plane, and an essential mode of transport in a land with few roads.                                                                                       

The Cessna In The Air - (465 KB) See the mailbag, and incredible mountain views!


Week 5: At the End of the Road! (March 13, 2006)

Circle City - (457 KB) Explore downtown Circle City in Alaska – 70 people live in this small community on the Yukon River.


Week 4: Celebration Times! (March 6, 2006)

Ice Sculpture World Championship 2006 - (493 KB) Explore the park of ice sculptures.                                                                                        

Ice Sculptures - (513 KB) Explore more incredible ice sculptures!


Week 3: 80 pounds of Butter? (February 27, 2006)

Packing Food - (385 KB) Explore the food pack out in action.


Week 2: Check.Check. Done! (February 20, 2006)

Trailer - (493 KB) Explore inside the trailer as it is being loaded


Week 01: The Dogs Are Ready… (February 13, 2006)

Clothing - (6.8 MB) View a QTVR of clothing being packed for the GN! expedition.


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