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GoNorth! is made possible by the following organizations, corporations and individuals that provide essential support and recurring assistance to the development and delivery of the adventure learning program, through financial and in-kind contributions, corporate products and services, and employee participation in the GoNorth! program.

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NASA NSF National Geographic Society Connectria IBM Lotus Software Best Buy Children's Foundation


Official Sponsors

When living in the extreme environment that the Arctic can produce, one really appreciates products that deliver what they promise. Out thanks to the sponsors listed below and many others who help make our journeys better.

Since 1991 we have worn this footwear on numerous Arctic expeditions, traveling more than 17,500 miles and have never had a cold foot. It is the best winter footwear available. We have used this fabric for two years and have not found a better, more durable cloth that functions to keep us dry and warm. Keron G4 tents have served as “our home away from home” for the past 11 years.  Based on enduring storms that we thought would never end, as well as putting up and taking down these tents thousands of times, we believe they represent the best in quality and performance. We rely on the these poles the many times we have to ski or scout ahead, checking ice conditions plus they are great for giving extra support to our tents in a storm. This firm has generously given funds to help with our educational program, enabling our Teacher Explorer, Amy Vargasson, to join us in the field this year. Their participation gives thousands of schools the ability to experience the wonder of GIS; interacting with their powerful programs inspires students to go learn more. Their product are made of a blended merino wool that, in addition to giving us the superior warmth needed to survive the cold, is a safer product in terms of drying in close proximity to our stoves compared to man-made fibers. Their M4 Inmarsat phone system provides us the unique capability to share our journey’s reports, video, and images with thousands of students who follow our adventure learning programs. We simply could not deliver such high quality communications without their support. We highly recommend these down-filled air pads that are a well appreciated addition to our sleeping systems. We have been fortunate to partner with this high-end producer of quality, technical outerwear and are wearing their Barrier shell, Adverse bibs; along with their Prime Jacket. This mapping technology is giving students and others following our expedition the opportunity to virtually fly over and visit us on our Alaskan journey. These reliable headlamps have survived -60 temps, giving us the ability to see in the very dark Arctic night. clif bar logo palm logo


Suppliers & Supporters

Riverside Veterinary Hospital
Seldom Rest Acres – Sharon & Royce Doering
M&M Holding – Mike & Lynn Pregont
Jesper Mathiesen
Project Caribou Learning Resource www.projectcaribou.net
Anita Hall Frost and Family
Seppo Leinonen www.seppo.net